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Web Best Practices

Modern search and web best practices

Keeping up with the times in the digital and web world can be challenging, confusing and overly complex. That’s why we recommend going straight to the source (Google) and keeping up to date with the following web and search best practices. Loads of useful tips to keep your site modern, findable and overall an engaging experience.

Modern Search best practices

Modern Web best practices

Modern Web Projects and the Project Process

From our experience, every 6-12 months the digital world changes the way it does things… that’s means from a Project Management point of view, that the start to end process of a Digital or Web Project changes with it… For example:

  • Identify and create your content strategy, digital marketing strategy and the content itself (keep in mind at all times the balance between what your Users want to see and what your business and marketing goals are)
  • With mobile first in mind, categorise the content you wish to display into different sections (this is a process known as Information Architecture)
  • Decide on the viewports and breakpoints at which content is displayed (Content Design) for all the devices you wish to support (at a minimum, mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, tv)
  • Iterate and test with your user base frequently throughout the build phase of the website
  • Learn from your user testing and test improvements to your website through a continual optimisation process
  • Ensure your website meets the latest Quality Assurance standards as set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
  • Launch your website and celebrate success!
  • Set regular review dates on your website to update the content to ensure your users have an enjoyable and engaging experience which will encourage them to return to your site, regularly.

Useful web tips

Useful web tips

We think and the team at Smashing Magazine got this article on User Experience (and User Centered Design) projects spot on. Take a look, it’s well worth the read.